980 E. State St
Cassopolis, MI 49031


Summer Sale In Progress

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About Mahogany Outfitters

Mahogany Outfitters is best described as room after room of vintage boats often trailered behind classic cars from the same year. Dr. Pecina and his crew have filled the former Hayden-Beardslee Ford dealership and have been doing so since September 2010, when the museum first opened as another Pecina restoration project in an effort to bring tourism to the local area he calls home.

From a rare 1962 Chris Craft and a 1959 Edsel pulling a 1959 watercraft that sold for $8900 back in its original glory (now worth almost $89,000 today), the museum is an intricate collection of beautiful and historic pieces, boasting anywhere from 80-100 of the rarest and most historic boats in the Midwest.

Celebrating in particular the historic transition from wooden boats to fiberglass, Mahogany Outfitters not only has an impressive and rare collection, it often finds great historic boats for expert restoration, and offers many of its collection for sale.